HydraDermabrasion PRO 4 in 1

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The ELTK DermFRESCA Peeling series offers the latest technology in hydradermabrasion peeling. This system functions by utilizing water jets that provide suction and power to exfoliate the skin and allow for different products to be infused into the skin all at once. There are 3 different style tips that each have a distinct function to either exfoliate,infuse or peel the skin to provide an optimal anti-aging and skin revitalization treatment. This system also combined Light Emission Diode Therapy (LED) which is light therapy technology that initially was developed from NASA to enhance collagen stimulation, reduce acne, even out skin tone and provide a overall anti-aging and skin rejuvenation and vitalization effect. There is Red,Blue, Green,White & combination LED wavelengths that are emitted from 4 uniquely designed hand pieces to provide a variety of treatments ranging from anti-aging to acne reduction. This system also combines the DermFresca Diamond tip wand with 9 unique Diamondabrasion tips that can provide the optimal combination of peeling effect. This system finally combines the glass lymphatic cups that can be used for lymphatic stimulation and facial contouring. They function by increasing blood flow to the skin and aid in reduction of water and toxins in the skin.


Product Details:

    • Aqua Peeling Infusion with 3 different tips for exfoliation and infusion.
    • LED light therapy with Red,Green,White,Blue (640,590,460 nm)  and mixed wavelengths to provide anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effect
    • Oxygen Infusion (excellent with Hyaluronic acid and ampule infusion)
    • Diamondabrasion exfoliation and resurfacing hand piece with 9 unique tips ranging from 75 to 250 units.
    • Product serum starter kit
    • Full Training Course with technical parameters, treatment outline, promotional materials and product support
    • 2 Year Warranty