DermaCool Pro SHR & Pico Laser System

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SHR Technology

One of the newest lasers available today is the Perfect Optimal pulse technology Super Hair Removal (SHR) .This technology functions by creating a precise control of the pulses which allows for the effects on the skin to be precise and without damaging effects. This system can provide optimal treatments in hair removal to Skin types ranging from Fitzpatrick I to XI. The SHR mode for hair removal enables a 10 pulse per second repetition and a  low fluence and high repetition of pulses allow the temperature to increase in the hair follicle allow for a painless hair removal treatment.

What are the benefits of SHR Technology?

-This provides a combination of the traditional IPL technology with Laser Super Hair Removal (SHR) that provides an evenly distributed energy throughout the skin delivered to hair follicles, resulting in the follicle to be paralyzed in future growth and thus in resulting in reduces inflammatory response to the epidermal layer of the skin and also improved results in time and ease of hair reduction.

Why choose SHR Technology?

-Can be used on all skin types
-No Downtime
-Multiple pulse technology with improved treatment time, increasing revenue of business
– Fast and painless form of Hair Removal


This system provides the 532 nm, 755 nm, and 1064 nm wavelength for permanent tattoo removal. This revolutionary  technology can treat both black and color tattoos. Commonly known as the “Q-Switched”  laser this system produces pulses that are measured in the billionth of a second which produce a pulse duration of a “picosecond”  which is up to 100 times shorter than a trillionth of a second. Sounds like all physics to you? It is  Thus, in result the chromophores are selectively targeted and there is a shorter thermal relaxation time, which is the desired outcome of this thermal effect. The tattoo pigment generally responds well to the “picosecond” range for photomechanical disruption which in result produces the desired photomechanical effect of the tattoo ink that is absorbed in the skin.  Studies have shown that this form of tattoo removal is safe and noninvasive and can be performed in anywhere for 6-8 treatments depending on treatment are and size.


This treatment is one of the most newest technologies available in today’s medicals spa and esthetic marketplace. This system functions by utilizing 755 nm wavelength of light with a light carbon mask applied to the client skin. The laser will function to produce minimal heat to the epidermis and be absorbed into the carbon lotion resulting in the implosion of carbon particles. The result of this stimulation will activate a cascade of the cell signaling process which leads to the exfoliation of the epidermal layer along with stimulation and synthesis of new collagen and elastin, resulting in improved strength of fibers and also increasing the skin’s natural elasticity.

Benefits of Carbon Laser Facial:

  • Reduce pore size and tighten pores
  • Increase collagen and elastin growth
  • Improvement of the skin texture and luminosity
  • Aid in reduction of dead skin of the epidermal layer

E-Light IPL

This system includes the E-LIGHT Intense Pulse Light (IPL) that is a pulse by pulse energy that can offer a variety of skin treatments including wavelengths ranging from 420-1200 nm. The Intense Pulse Light utilizes different wavelengths that are commonly known as “photo flash” to the skin which will range anywhere from 420-1200 nm. This form of light is typically more scattered, however it has less damaging effects to the skin and has minimal damage which is produced to the epidermal layer, making it an excellent device to treat all skin types. The pigments in the skin will absorb this specialized light energy and transform them into heat in result, thus producing an effect that will even out skin tone and provide a variety of other effects, depending on the wavelength that is being utilized in the handpeice at that time. This system offers up to 150,000 pulses of light which are produced by a xenon lamp combined with an air and water cooling system. This dynamic cooling system can allow for continuous usage with optimal cooling, allowing for the equipment to be utilized for several hours at a time. The range of treatment that can be offered with the IPL handle includes reduction of spider veins, reduction of pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and also acne treatment as well.



This system includes BiPolar Radiofrequency energy which provides an revollunatiry heating effect to the dermis and adipose tissue layers which produce increased collagen and elastin production. This uniquely designed Radiofrequency system has a frequency of 1-5 Mhz ranges from a heating temperature of 38-45 degrees Celsius and a Cryo cooling technology ranging from 2-5 degrees Celsius. Thus, in result this will provide an optimal tightening effect to the skin along minimal destruction to be caused to the epidermal layer. This addition to this system also can be combined with IPL technology for skin rejuvenation treatment, combining two outstanding treatments in one session time, thus increasing revenue to your business and satisfying clients.

Why purchase from ELTK by

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Full Training Course available to medical spa staff onsite or Virtual courses offered from medically trained professionals (Nurse, Nurse Practitioners & Medical Doctors) with certification of completion of training diploma included
  • On Site Engineer in Miami Showroom Location
  • Pioneer in the Medical Spa & Beauty Industry for over 15 years
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