The DERMFRESCA ROLLER Vacuum Therapy system from ELTK® offers an excellent treatment in your business to aid in the reduction of cellulite. This system functions by using the combination of 3 distinct technologies: Vacuum, LED and Thermal Therapy. The vacuum suction functions by producing motorized vibrations to massage the skin in a distinct way, which can promote the mobilization of connective tissue, and also increase movement throughout the lymphatic system. This action can cause the skin to appear smoother, and aid in the mobilization of fat cells. This model also combines Light Emission Diode (LED) technology which includes a combination of red, green, blue and yellow lights to aid in promotion of circulation on the epidermis layer of the skin, and also can help activate and tone the skin. The final function on this system is the Thermotherapy function which produces a low level of heat to aid in increasing circulation and also making the treatment be more comfortable for the client. This system is non-invasive, has no down time and provides excellent results.


Body Contouring

Cellulite Treatment

Activation of Lympathic Sytem

Fat Reduction

Poor Circulation, Muscle pain & tension


Includes 3 distinct heads: Small, Medium and Large

Digital touchscreen panel with Automatic & Manual Programs

Vaccum Suction intensity 40-70 KPa

Thermotherapy & LED Therapy (800nm) options included