Multi-Function Esthetic Equipment ELTK-1221


The 8 in 1 Function System from ELTK is our classic multi function systems which is an essential for providing basic and deluxe facials. This system  includes a Vaporizer which includes ozone and aromatherapy, High Frequency with 4 electrodes, Galvanic, facial Vacuum tubes, Spray function, Rotary Brush which includes a set of 5 brushes, Magnifying Lamp with 5x magnification power and also a woods lamp which can be used to analyze the skin type of the client.   If you are not sure where to start in the esthetic field, this is the perfect system for you!  Voted our most durable system by customers.

Product Details:

Vaporizer- (Includes Ozone)

High Frequency- (4 electros included)

Brush- (5 Attachments Included)

Galvanic- (Neg,Pos & Decrustation)

Woods Lamp (4 Bulbs)

Magnifying Lamp- (5x Magnification)

Vacuum-( Includes set of  3 Vacuum tubes)

Spray-(Includes 2 spray bottles)