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The DermGlow 4 in 1 system is the latest model to be added to our Aqua Face line. This system includes Hydradermabrasion, Radiofrequency with LED technology and also Oxygen Infusion. One of our elite devices in todays booming esthetic market.The hydrodermabrasion provides the ability to remove dead skin and combine with infusion of specially designed serums that suit the client’s skin needs. In result this provides a complete rejuvenation of the skin with allowing the ability of an increased production of new cells to the surface. The Radiofrequency function can be used to increase collagen and elastin production in the skin. The Oxygen infusion can infuse ampuples for anti-aging and glow effect on the skin in the end of treatment leaving the skin feeling revitaized and renewed.


Product Details:

  • Vacuum Intensity 12 Psi
  • Radiofrequency Intensity 1-3 Mhz
  • Full Training Included
  • Sample Serum Pack Included