Derma GLOW 4 in 1 combines the latest technology for providing client’s with glowing and smooth skin. This system combines :

  • HydraDERM Infusion
  • Radiofrequency with LED Technology
  • Oxygen Therapy with ampule Infusion
  • Diamonabrasion add on availble**

Full Training, Protocols for treatment and Warranty is included.




This system combines the latest technology for adding on HydraDermabrasion & Radiofrequency services to your spa menu. This system combines technologies which are Hydra Infusion, Radiofrequency with LED technology & Oyxgen Infusion. This is the ultimate combination for providing the latest facial treatment in your spa business today. This combination can provide a variety of facial services to your spa menu leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated.


Product Details:

  • 12 PSI Vacuum Intensity
  • 2-3 MHZ  Radiofrequency Intensity combined with LED Therapy
  • Oxygen HandPiece with Ampule Infusion
  • **Optional Diamondabrasion Add On** $150.00 additional fee


This system includes full training with treatment protocols, 1 year warranty and full service and support .