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Looking to expand services to your Body Contouring business or add on facial services to your menu? This latest system in our Elite Pro line uses t-shock technology which is known as thermal shock therapy to be applied to the skin for stimulation of circulation and lymphatic systems.This system cycles between cryo and thermal energies that can provide the “t-shock” thermogenesis effect to the skin.This in result will provide a anti-inflammatory effect, reduction of adipose tissue and can also be used for therapeutic pain treatments ( muscle tightness, soreness). This unique cycling from heating to cooling induces a shock effect to the skin which in result provides outstanding results in smoothing skin, reducing appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin glow.

This system has a variable temperature that ranges from -10 degrees C to 42 degrees F. It has both automatic and manual programs that can be utilized for treatments in face,neck,arms,abdomen,legs and gluteus. Treatment time can be performed in as little as 20 minute sessions with no down-time required for treatment.

This can be an excellent treatment to be provided on a individual basis or combined with other Facial or Body Contouring modalities.



One of the latest treatments of today is the Cryo Sculpt Pro for facial and body contour treatments. This system provides the revolutionary t-shock technology that functions to create a thermogenesis effect on fat cells. In result, there will be a permeant elimination of fat into the lymphatic system and provide a non-invasive format body sculpture. The thermogenic effect starts by providing a increase of temperature to the skin with controlled heating technology allowing for the skin to be activated for the application of the cold shock temperature. In result, clients can have a reduction of adipose tissue from 1-3 inches per treatment session*.

This is a non-invasive form of facial and body contour. This treatment can be used for facial slimming, reduction of inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and ant-aging treatment. The unique technology of the t shock effect applies a crystallization effect on the fat cells reaching temperatures as low as -18 degrees C. This is a perfect addition to any spa or medical esthetic business to provide the latest technology in non-invasive body sculpting. Clients do not have any down-time after treatment and can go back to normal activities right after treatment is performed. With the Cryo Sculpt Pro there is no need for medical director to operate device as this can be operated by providers ( NP, PA, RN,PT ) and also esthetic or massage professionals. Increase revenue in your business today with adding the latest in slimming technology.


Overview of Cryo Sculpt Pro Device:

  • Provide t-shock hot & cold treatment
  • Automatic programs for slimming,toning,contour and pain management.
  • Quick cooling with temperature reaching -18 degrees C
  • Heating up to 45 degrees C
  • Certified Training Program with modalities of treatment, programs, package options