Body Slimming RF & UltraCavi Gel


The Ultrasonic gel from Suave Skin can be used in conjunction with various body treatment machines. This gel can be applied to the area in which desired, and is used as a conductor for any ultrasonic device. This gel is safe to use on all skin types, and will aid in cellulite, toning and various other body treatments.

Product Details:

  • Conduction gel to be used with ultrasonic, skin scrubber, galvanic, electrical stimulation, ultracavitation and radio frequency.
  • Excellent for use for body reduction treatments

Gel de Ultrasonido

Gel acuoso para ultrasonido y procedimientos electroestáticos. Facilita la transmisión del sonido y los impulsos eléctricos de la gimnasia pasiva. No irrita la piel pues es hipoalergenico. No mancha al ser soluble en agua. Fácil de aplicar y de remover.

Agua Purificada ,Aloe Vera Gel, Carbonero, Capsicum, Hidróxido  de Potasio, Polysorbate 20