Diamondabrasion System ELTK-111


The portable Diamond peeling system ELTK-111 is used to exfoliate your skin by utilizing a mutli-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming to the topmost layer of the skin. Unlike the traditional micro systems, the diamond system it is replaced with different grade diamond tips which provide a deep exfoliation to the skin. This type of system is ideal for abrading multiple areas of the face, and also can be applied for body exfoliation treatment. The various size tips can be used for a variety of different skin types, and is 100% safe.

This system is for professional use only.
Training is required to properly operate this technique.


Reduce Pore Size, Reduce fine lines on the face
Improve skin elasticity, Reduce pigmentation
Aids in the reduction of oily skin
Can help reduce the appearance of cellulite for body treatment

System includes set of 9 multi-degree diamond tips
Includes 2 wands for tip connection
55 mm Hg Pressure Level
Timer from 0-30 minutes
Portable, lightweight easy for transportation
1 Year Warranty