Cellulite Reduction Massage System ELTK-154


The ELTK-154 Body Massager is an excellent device which can be used for a wide variety of body treatments. This equipment can provide a vigorous massage over the surface of the skin, which can be applied for body reduction and stimulation treatment. This device can also be used for therapeutic massage treatments providing a speed ranging from 20-60 cycles per second. There are 5 different head attachments which are included with this system which can provide the practitioner with a variety of treatments to offer.


  • 20-60 cycles per second
  • Automatic Timer setting up to 60 minutes
  • Includes 5 head attachments:
    Soft Tissue ,deep exfoliation, heavy pressure & sensitive treatment massage



ELTK is proud to offer full training classes for ELTK and other branded Esthetic Equipment. Our training courses are provided across the South Florida area, and also LIVE on Skype or Facetime. Each training course includes:

  • Theory and Technology of Equipment
  • Basic Operation of Equipment
  • Advanced Techniques  & Methods of Use
  • Forms of Use, Contraindications of Equipment
  • Manipulation of Equipment
  • Proper Maintenance of Equipment
  • Competitive pricing for Treatment Packages
  • Diploma with ELTK certified seal of completion



Training Courses are provided in English & Spanish. Our range of courses includes:

  • Basic Single & Multi Function Equipment
  • Microcurrent Lifting
  • UltraCavitation
  • Radiofrequency
  • Vacuum Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Cryolipolysis
  • Slimming Blanket
  • Post-Operative Ultrasound
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Microdermabrasion & Diamond Tip
  • LipoLaser
  • HIFU

What are the benefits of ELTK Certified Equipment Training?

Education is a key to success in your business.  ELTK Equipment Training provides the highest level of education for proper application of all professional Esthetic devices. Our training courses are ideal for the newly licensed esthetician who need additional education to excel their career, and also for the more experienced esthetician who has been providing professional estheticians and medical spa staff with intensive equipment training courses since 2008. Our company offers the highest level of continuing education to expand your business and personal growth in the field of esthetics today. Our instructors are highly trained professionals with over 4000 hours of experience on each individual professional device instructed.

Our company is American based, providing service in both English & Spanish. Our company provides distribution in the United States, Caribbean, Central & South America. When making your decision for the best Esthetic Equipment in the industry ELTK is your #1 supplier. Our company stands on basic principles:

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There is a 2 year limited warranty for parts and labor. ELTK certified warranty includes normal wear and tear to equipment. This does not include damage to any glass portions of equipment ( steamer jars, electrodes). All of our products are inspected prior to being released from our shipping facility. If you are to receive any boxes which have been damaged please contact us immediately @ 305-825-2565. The right to return defective products shall constitute facialcare.net sole liability and buyers exclusive remedy in connection with any claim of any kind relating to the quality and condition of the product. Our company is not held responsible for any shipping charges on damaged equipment to be sent back to our store for repair. In any event where a product is returned due to damage, product must be shipped directly to our store and client is responsible for any shipping charges which may be required. Upon receipt and inspection of the goods, it will be determined by our return department if the item should be replaced or client issues a credit to their account. 

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 23 × 21 in