Facial Equipment Miami

Why invest in buying LOCAL Facial Equipment?

With the hot new stream of customers flooding to amazon for buying facial supplies, facial and beauty equipment supplies and other beauty products, it is now one of the hottest sources for facial equipment products in the market today. But, we are urging you to take warning before buying your facial equipment from unknown distributors. First off, many of these products do not come with any warranty or service. They are direct from factory resources from overseas, and do not have the ability to service your facial equipment locally, therefore , you have to rely on skype and other video programs to trouble shoot if you have any issues with your products. Second off, you may think the price is right, but that is NOT for a long term investment in good quality facial equipment. Finally, the items MAY look the same but they do not function the same! So some of our tips for shopping for facial equipment for your salon or medi spa are the following :

  • Look for warranty and service
  • Look for professional training and technical support
  • Look for a fair price, but beware of deals too good to be true!
  • Call and screen the company ! If there is no phone number, then most likely it is not a local United States distributor


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